Who We Are

Red Bison Networks deploys and manages Commercial Real Estate networks with integrated in-building calling and a local cloud. This enables owners to optimize building efficiency, enhance security, and increase building value.


Accelerate the transformation of buildings into connected, smart and valuable assets within their communities.


We are the trusted Network Partner for Commercial Real Estate Business Owners

Core Values

Serve Others: Many of us served in the Military or on non-profits striving to make a difference. At Red Bison, we serve our Country, our Communities and our Customers to help make them better.
Be Good: We strive to be positive, supportive and kind to our customers, partners and employees. We don’t do business with people we don’t like.
Cultivate the Future: We are always building the future of this company, each employee, every customer. Treat every day as an opportunity to build a better tomorrow.

Our Values in Action

We are launching a Veteran training program, where we train Veterans IT and Telco Networking skills. We then help them find jobs within the industry. We will partner with Fortinet to execute this program.